My 2020 Favorite Entrepreneurs

I heard it’s World Entrepreneurs’ day, so I wanted to celebrate a few of my absolute favorite entrepreneurs.

Overtime, I have heard several definitions of the word ‘Entrepreneur’, and I know that it can indeed get confusing. In my simple terms, an entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity, and seizes it.

To clarify, I classify an entrepreneur as someone who identifies a problem(/gap) in society, and solves it for the benefit of the society, and in turn, the self.

This then leaves us with an array of entrepreneurs – from social entrepreneurs (like myself) to purely for-profit entrepreneurs. Just so it is not lost in translation; I stan all kinds of entrepreneurs, fully.

The levels of unemployment in Africa are high, and I appreciate everyone who braves the risk of creating businesses which can create employment for themselves, and sometimes others.

This is a list of some of the young (under 30) entrepreneurs who inspire me – some of whom I work very closely with. Some are sole proprietors, while others are co-founders. You may know the brands, but you may never have seen the faces before. You are welcome.

Gerald Warinda, 25 | Afrivines

5 days my junior, Gerald is possibly my favorite entrepreneur in the world. There may be a bit of bias here, given he happens to be my brother in-law.

He owns Afrivines Company. In Kenya he is into imports and sales of cars, and at the moment setting up a pharmaceutical company. He is also part of a car inventory company. His other investments like Changu and Mingle are currently in the kitchen. An absolute powerhouse.

Adrian Nkhoma Somba, 24 | Viser IQ

If you ever wondered who is behind our digital platforms like NMN Africa and the Ntha Foundation – look no further than Mr. A Nkhoma Somba.

In partnership with his fabulous girlfriend, Zosowa, they create and host some of the best digital platforms (Websites and Apps) in Malawi; at very affordable cost too. Don’t say I did not tell you.

Theresa Phondo, 25 | Hillcrest Trading

If you’ve met her, then you love her. A tough spirit – at only 25 she owns and manages several entreprises together with her husband, Bob Phondo. Hillcrest is their most recent venture – farming; a millionaire business, might I say.

Tinashe Mapingure, 28 | Warm Heart Clinic

You won’t meet a kinder heart – and someone who truly cares about the work that he does. Specialised in children’s therapy – Tinashe owns and manages the social enterprise that is Warm Heart Clinic.

Gift Sukez Sukali, 27 | HD Plus Creations

Arguably the best producer in Malawi, Mr. Sukez, forbes 30 under 30 also makes the list. I don’t have to say much, his work speaks for itself.

Temwanani Chirembo, 24 | Ukani

Mandela Washington Fellow, Chevening Scholar, Ntha Foundation board chair, and Ukani founder – there are many ways to describe Ms. Temwa. One word that would not be wrong is inspiring.

Trevor Kandoje, 28 | Tyre Trove

Mr. Kandoje describes himself as a second-generation businessman. We have witnessed many children of successful business people fail – but not Trevor. Trevor is determined to rise, and if you need to fix anything on your car, trust me when I say he’s got you.

Shalom Rugare, 26 | Every Girl In School Alliance

Another absolute powerhouse. You have to hear her speak, to appreciate her brilliance. Shalom is a lady who is passionate about her work, but also knows exactly what she is doing. Every Girl in School Alliance is doing such amazing work in Malawi.

Mac Ndalama, 27 | Zaluso Arts

If you are a creative and have not heard of Zaluso Arts, I will have to side-eye you. Heck if you have not heard of Zaluso Arts, I am still side-eying you.

Mac co-founded Zaluso Arts with Akulu, and they have broken so many barriers, and provided space at their hub for creatives in Malawi.

Christian Jiah , 27 | Digimax

If you need digital solutions – from business automation to marketing, this is your guy. Thank me later!

Blessings Chafuwa, 26 | Stunt Photography

If you need absolutely flawless photos and warm vibes as you have your photoshoot, Blessings will be your favorite go to.

Being talented aside, he has an absolutely amazing personality, and you will enjoy working with him. Plus, you are guaranteed to get your photos on time. At least I did.

Caroline Mughogho, 29 | Kutowa Store

Carol is a digital marketer, but also runs an online beauty store called “Kutowa”. An absolutely amazing user experience, and delivers right to your door.

This is not an exhaustive list, of course. Feel free to drop your favorite entrepreneurs and their businesses in the comments down below.

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