Entrepreneurship 101: What Business?

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.’ – Charlie Tremendous Jones.


If you have been following my blogs for a while, then I trust you have across Dr. Naomi Ngwira’s  “10 Year Billionaire Plan”. Dr. Ngwira explains in detail how we as young entrepreneurs could become Billionaires (Millionaires in $s) in her elaborate entrepreneurship saving process. In this, she states that one must double his/her income every quarter, and then, every other year after one year. Now this may seem simple to do, but if you are really entrepreneurship minded, first you will realise you must be in good business(es) to achieve this. The next logical question to ask would be “What Business(es)?”


If you read extensively, you also know that, and I quote, “the average millionaire($) has 7 streams of income”. Obviously this isn’t about just venturing into any business. The said business must be lucrative, and more or less, in line with your passions. Gina Rinehart (richest woman in the world as of 2012) discussed how average people think differently from rich people. despite the media storm and response she got, she did have some very good points. She said that “average people earn money doing things they don’t love while rich people follow their passions”.

That being said, and looking at Dr. Ngwira’s 10 Year Plan, obviously now one must take serious interest in what businesses are lucrative. I am not talking about the business your next door neighbor is doing and you think productive and thus want to venture into. I mean the business(es) you are truly passionate about – the one you can’t sleep thinking about creating. I mean businesses that will guarantee a 100% return in 4 months. It seems difficult, but it is very doable. However this is not very easy for each and every person to decide what business they can truly be passionate about. For some, even merely trying to think up a business idea is frustrating.


Trevor Milanzi answers this frustrating question in his book “What Business?”. In a conversation with Trevor one day in our undergrad days, he asked me to name 20 businesses that guarantee 30% return in a month – and I could name a few but not twenty. He gave me a whole new perspective that really interested me: “There are so many business opportunities from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep. we are simply not paying attention. Think about all the things you use, need and wish existed all through your day. You could be the one creating them. That could be your business”.


Trevor wrote the book “What Business?” in an attempt to solve the capital problem. The book has 180 Business Ideas and offers a lot of marketing strategies. He has the book available in soft and hardcopy. The softcopy only sells for K999 and you can easily access it on your phone and all your digital assets. You can order yours by whatsapping +265991933399. I know I love my copies.


Wishing you luck as you embark on your “10 Year Billionaire plan”. Take a read at Trevor Milanzis’s “What Business?” and you are half way there. See you at the top!


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